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Ultimately, the Columbia Press vision is one that promotes earth friendly practices and conservation and higher moral values. It's not enough to go carbon-free if only the top-percent benefits. We must reboot our democracy by enabling genuine leadership and decision-making. We can vote for leaders who genuinely support community action plans that employ all the local people who want to work. We can offer public-banking systems, local currencies, farmers market style trade options, and even incentivize scrip for those with meager savings. We must really try to control the human birth rate.

Authentic human rights, living wages, guaranteed basic income plans, and social justice should not just be promises borrowed for election time party platforms.

Pivotal to avoiding a global-ecocidal meltdown will be genuine down-to-earth recognition that we cannot have-it-all for we were never meant to have-it-all.

Thus we must quickly redefine what success really means. A new norm for success avoids the emphasis on capital and title but refocuses on human intrinsic values. As each group has their own gifts, self-realization should also not be rooted in traditional terms of objectification and utilitarianism. It can be re-positioned around centuries old definitions including value-of-leisure-time, becoming well-adjusted, decent-quality-lifestyle, real hobbies such as an avocation, developing local-friendships, and experiencing a relative-sense-of-independence. There can also be encouragement for self-learning, rewards for good social-citizenship, a plethora of opportunities to fight environmental-degradation, organizing ethical-humanitarian-leadership, and valuing individual higher-consciousness.

Why is this so hard to expect, one asks, in the 21st-century, when life is supposed to be improving for everybody?

By redefining success, homo-sapiens can learn to curb their greed, and give the Planet the time and space it needs to heal.