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Our organizational mission is toward an educated, informed, and inspired citizenry. We offer books, lesson plans, and news exemplifying the egalitarian perspective. By reading widely, one learns about the human condition. Our stories emphasize furthering and deepening human interest concerns pertaining to the economic crisis. To think and act independently is the basis for individual empowerment---and protecting personal freedoms.

One of the goals is for you to become pro-active, whether it is as simple as organizing a litter patrol or supporting a grassroots group. Our belief is that if we broaden your spectrum of choices, you become aware of all your options. In the 21st century, did you know that we are facing daily species extinction events? If it's not in your daily news, it's just one small example of why we need to break free from the bonds of institutional thinking. All of us are overly reliant on the goodwill of corporations, which in turn relies on mass global exploitations.

Corporations don't believe that they are killing people or poisoning the planet because they believe the Earth is a cornucopia. This is why despite all the indications that climate change and global warming is occurring, there are so many climate-deniers. On the other hand, the Internet is rife with false discourses. Often such theories are intentionally introduced in order to malign the facts, help spread skepticism, or invalidate related news exposees.

Living in an educated and informed democracy, don't you wish to be encouraged to think, talk about, and discuss politics openly just as they did in Rome or at the Forum? When you are less vulnerable to the mindless-passive-viewer tactics enforced, you avoid being sucked into demagogic orbits. More important, you will become aware of how to broaden the discursive frameworks. Our articles aid you by exposing issues which are deliberately ignored or downplayed.

One of the most important goals of good citizen journalism is to help readers cut through the mixed messages and expose the rhetoric used to objectify and control the masses. When you are able to reason well, you are armed with countermeasures against the seduction of false polarization, the indifference of reductionism or obstructionism, and persistent attempts to pit a fictive normal against all which lies around and outside of that.

Columbia Press brings to the table different bona fide strains of discourse and into harmony for creative solutions. This is essential for encouraging collective organization for new democratic action and ethical problem-solving. We must transcend our institutionalized schema and impulses if we are to collectively enact a new, more communitarian planet. We offer guidance by exploring the interconnections between communities and issues, including around the globe.

Our experience working with a number of national grassroots organizations enables us to provide you the information needed to link with activist networks. Often our articles end with providing information on grassroots organizations working on current issues, the how and the why. By providing information on how citizens can find common ground on issues, you are empowered to learn more about why action matters---aside from just defending your personal freedoms.