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News and articles related to green technology and the environment including politics formerly at Examiner.com

News articles (web archived sample https://tinyurl.com/y8n9ayrh)
In reverse chronological order dated (2015-2013)

65. 5 surprising differences between Green Party and Democratic Party

64. Transhumanism race against humanity theme in "Hybrid World" movie

63. Politics and Personality: Whose heart is in control?

62. Does Ron Paul fit inside the World's Smallest Political Quiz?

61. USSF Progressive conversations impeded by racebaiting

60. US Social Forum 2015 conferences from Philly to San Jose

59. "Tested" documentary proving a hot topic

58. Nepal aftershocks overwhelm outreach

57. California drought exposes canal litter problem (Pt 1)

56. President Obama's My Brothers Keeper Alliance speech emphasizes responsibility

55. Baltimore riot police stirring up the heat

54. Refugees fleeing to EU risk being turned away

53. Earth Day 2015 Book Review: Environmental Debt

52. Spanish hologram protest symbolizes extreme measures

51. California drought mandate helps conserve water, but not indefinitely

50. Cucusoft Net Guard and ways to save on bandwidth

49. Sunshine Week leaves White House high and dry

48. Kerry's environmental record abysmal for 2016

47. NOVA Japan's Killer Quake primer on Fukushima nuclear disaster

46. Fukushima linked to California Drought, independent experts say

45. 5 reasons why seafood may be unsafe

44. Union Station Metrorail access and capacity improvement to begin

43. The Last Hours of Humanity: Warming the world to extinction

42. Valley's green vision marred by ignorance

41. Budget-Avis offers smartway certified cars

40. NYC tops 2014 list of USA haute-bike cities

39. NYC Peoples Climate March focuses on system change

38. Climate Convergence focused on system change

37. Climate Patriots X-country for NYC Peoples March

36. Number of People's Climate March Events continues to grow

35. NYC Climate Convergence leads up to People's Climate March Sept 21

34. New Gulf leases ensure Disaster on the Horizon

33. Drought Forces New Rules on Lawn Watering

32. Undeclared Culture War on Nature

31. 2014 Drought affects Mexico

30. Hunger-striking Al-Jazeera journalist freed in Egypt

29. DC Green Party Puryear reaches out using social media

28. H2O #2 Water conference attempts to bridge troubled waters

27. Earth Day 2014: War is the Wrong Kind of Green

26. Can your roof fit solar?

25. Alternative media coverage of Trans-Pacific Partnership

24. Congressional Progressive Caucus 2014 Budget useful

23. Robin Hood Tax by Rep. Ellison touted for EU

22. California Agricultural Expo Irrigation-themed

21. Rechargeable batteries help keep America beautiful

20. Lil Women Engineers a Go-Go

19. Flashbacks on Triangle Fires and Rana Plaza

18. Gentrification engulfing Chinatowns Pt 2

17. U.S. Troops Typhoon Humanitarians

16. Gentrification engulfing Chinatowns Pt 1

15. Megastorm Aftermath opens doors for discussion

14. Civil War in Syria not just over Oil

13. Over 500 Peace Activists Protest War in Washington, DC

12. Upcoming DC Green Festival for everybody

11. DIY Home Energy Assessment

10. Prism-Break advertises surveillance-free software

9. Congressional panels on NSA surveillance spurred by grassroots movement

8. Internet advocates want to limit electronic surveillance

7. Rain barrels collect harvestable stormwater

6. Minimalist approach to garden roofs

5. Operation Green Jobs' unparalleled march

4. Operation Green Jobs Philadelphia to DC May 18-24, 2013

3. Back to Work Budget against the will of Congress

2. Heating up for hemp growing

1. Roadside litter: Bottle Bill may help

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